Boat or Finca:

Your arrival:
A driver will pick you up from the airport and bring you directly to the sailing yacht, the villa or the hotel, depends what you choosed before.

Now it will begin to be a perfect weekend:

The lady you choosed is waiting for you, offering you a drink for welcome, a smalltalk and now you will have your lady only for you and your sexual desire.

Sailing Yacht:

On the sailing yacht there is also the captain and a marinero and a female servant to fulfill your wishes. Whatever you like to drink or eat, she will serve it.

The ship sets sail and you can stay together with your girl on deck or inside however you like. You may have sex with her on deck if the ship is outside of the harbour.

After about 2 or 3 hours the captain will drop anchor and you stay with your lady in a phantastic blue bay and you may swim, snorkel, dive or whatever you like to do.

There will be served lunch and after that you can relax and enjoy.

In the afternoon the ship will sail back to the port or into another nice bay to stay over night. This depends of your decision and also of the weather conditions.

Now its time for a sundowner, to have a romantic evening in the sunset together with your naked, horny girl in your arms.
This will be an unforgettable erotik evening while she will offer you all her female charme till you can´t resist  her.

Next day after breakfast the ship will sail near the phantastic mallorqueen coast, have a break to drop anchor in another blue bay to swim and relax. The day continues like the day before where you can live all your sexual phantasies with your girl.

Always and whenever you like you can have sex with your girl, there is no limit and with no consideration about the servent or captain ore anybody else.

The last day the ship sails back to the port and the driver will bring you to the airport.


If you like to stay with your lovely girl on a finca for a horny weekend also is very exciting.
You  get a servent for all your wishes and longings and a cook preparing you all kind of meal.

Breakfast, supper and dinner will be served , snacks , all kind of Drinks, sweets and whatever you like, the waitress  will serve you.

Your lovely girl will be always on your site at all places on the villa, near the pool, in the garden, inside the villa,  in the bedroom, on all places you may have sex with her in all kind of positions and however you like it.
With sunset she will sit close to you and will enjoy with you together  the erotik mood.
Maybe you will have a cool drink, she will give you a passionate kiss, you will touch her naked body and she will offer you to have sex with her now or giving you a blow job and enjoy the moment you explodes in her mouth.
For sure she will know to satisfy you and to give you unforgettable moments.

Also you have the opportunity to use a car which is available always for you to visit the beach, a bar ,for shopping or for sightseeing together with her.

The lovely girl will always be by your site, wherever you go, whatever you do, and always she will be open for all your wishes and sexual phantasies and your most horny desires.